Serving Grand Junction Since 1989


Document Services We Offer

  • Professionally trained staff with over 20 years experience in business and medical records management
  • Secure space at a fraction of the cost per square foot of commercial buildings or on-site storage
  • Rapid retrieval and delivery of required records
  • Document Management Services
  • Data Backup and Recovery
  • A systematic method for destruction of outdated records
  • Monthly computer generated reports tracking all boxes with a service summary
  • Facility locally owned and operated
  • Witnessing of document destruction (shredding) at our facility
  • Commercial Letter/Legal storage boxes
  • An addition to your labor force without added business payroll liabilities, such as: worker’s compensation, unemployment and medical health benefits.



Recordsmaster ServicesRecords are maintained in buildings designed exclusively for the storage of inactive records. Boxes are randomly distributed throughout the facility and identified by client number only, limiting retrieval to authorized Recordsmaster personnel familiar with our password and shelving grid system. There is NO PUBLIC ACCESS to the secure storage areas. Telephone or written authorization is required from designated members of your staff before records can be released.


Boxes are identified by number or bar code only. Customer cross-reference numbers are used to identify the boxes – customer names do not appear on the boxes. All warehouse and delivery personnel are bonded and insured. Confidentiality and HIPAA agreements are required and completed by all Recordsmaster staff.

Shredding is picked up in locked containers and transported in fully enclosed, locked vehicles directly to our facility. Records designated for destruction are shredded immediately and baled into 1000+ pound bales. We guarantee your privacy and security throughout the process – 100%. Unlike mobile shredders, who may be here today and gone tomorrow, we have been in our current location for over 22 years; also unlike mobile shredders, where you are required to stand out in the elements (rain, snow, 100+ degree heat, etc.) to witness the records destruction process, at Recordsmaster you may witness the entire process in our indoor observation area.  At this time, the largest shredder you can find in a mobile shredding truck is 10 Horse Power, our smallest shredder is 40 Horse Power; this is just one reason why we can shred your documents so much faster and cheaper than an on-site mobile shredder.  If your business is located out of the area or you simply can not leave your office, we can set up your system to watch us shred your documents via our cameras over the internet from the comfort of your own desk.


  • Regular daily deliveries
  • One-hour emergency access or delivery
  • Economical next-day delivery
  • On-site client work areas
  • FAX transmission
  • Available 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.


  • Disposal of obsolete records and sensitive documents from your location is available with full assurances of confidentiality
  • Destruction dates are assigned as customer records are brought into inventory, if requested
  • Clients may, at any time, order destruction of boxes by written approval
  • A Certificate of Destruction is provided upon completion
  • All storage and shredding processes at Recordsmaster are done under video surveillance and the video logs are stored for over 3 months